First Alternative exists to provide cooperative commerce for the greater good of our community, which includes:

  1. Owners and Shoppers
  2. Staff
  3. Local farmers and producers
  4. Community members
  5. Community organizations
  6. Other co-ops

Because of First Alternative:

  1. The community will have a retail source of food that is affordable, healthy, and grown and/or processed locally to the fullest extent possible.
  2. There will be economic value returned to the community via charitable contributions, outreach projects, owner benefits, and other investments in the local economy.
  3. Our community will be better educated about food, environment, and sustainability issues and as a result make healthier life choices.
  4. There will be a vibrant cooperative sector in the economy, both nationally and regionally, and a local community educated in the value of cooperative principles and enterprises.
  5. There will be a more vibrant local agricultural community and that community will in turn have a more reliable retail market for its products.
  6. There will be an important source of employment in the community that provides personal satisfaction to employees, livable wages and financial security for employees.
  7. There will be a thriving business that is a model for sustainable, ethical business practices and environmental stewardship.
  8. Owners will have a sense of connectedness via our programs, facilities, and opportunities to participate.