Co+op Deals May 18 – May 31, 2016 (Flyer B)


Featured Inside: A recipe for grilled veggies with smoked paprika. Easy, tasty homemade vinaigrette ideas for you to try. Win a wonderful wagon from Woodstock Foods – details inside! Adventures in the great outdoors? Make some homemade energy bars.


Co+op Deals May 4 – May 17, 2016 (Flyer A)

Featured Inside: Great recipes and ingredients for springtime entertaining. Making fresh, thirst-quenching fruit punch for a crowd. Tips for your family on all-natural nontoxic sun protection. Springtime is brunch time! Easy ideas for Mother’s Day and beyond.


Co+op Deals April 13 – May 3, 2016 (Flyer B)

Featured Inside: Happy Earth Day! Sustainability stories from food co-ops inside. Find out how you can “B the Change” with B Corporations. Brighter days, lighter meals: tofu scramble and balsamic berries. Greener cleaners, energy foods and much more – at the co-op!


Co+op Deals March 30 – April 12, 2016 (Flyer A)

Featured Inside: Try our Greek chicken with quinoa salad recipe. Great tips for anyone looking to stretch their grocery budget. Is it “keen-wah” or “kee-no-ah?” How to enjoy this tasty seed. Stock up and save! Selected Co+op Basics on sale – for a limited time.


Co+op Deals March 16 – March 29, 2016 (Flyer B)

Featured Inside:Getting wild with morels, nettles, berries, and ferns. A savory roasted root vegetable recipe features carrots. Tangy, nutty Parmesan cheese; it’s not just for pasta. Shop co-op for fresh, fabulous food for springtime.


Co+op Deals March 2 – March 15, 2016 (Flyer A)

Co+op Deals March 2016 Flyer A

Featured Inside:Crunchy, tasty, easy Bok Choy Salad with Ramen. A hearty and zesty for “unstuffed” cabbage. Leap into spring with tips on energy-rich foods and protein. March on in to the Co-op for delicious deals on local foods.


Co+op Deals February 17 – March 1, 2016 (Flyer B)

First Alternative Co-op Co+op Deals February 2016 Sales Flyer B

Featured Inside: Eat the Mediterranean way for health…and flavor! A quick “couscous” salad with a not-so-secret ingredient. Sort your way through salmon varieties with a handy guide. Creamy Havarti cheese is in the spotlight; try it for breakfast.


Co+op Deals February 3 – February 16, 2016 (Flyer A)

Featured Inside: Pesto Di Noci for Valentine’s Day! Done in 30 minutes. Plan a foodie movie night-with thematic snacks. Do-it-yourself chocolate bark makes a thoughtful gift. February is “Healthy Heart Month;” give your heart some love.


Co+op Deals January 20 – February 2, 2016 (Flyer B)

Featured Inside: Spice things up with a Mexican “inside out” burger. Hot pepper jack-great ideas on how to enjoy it are inside. Crispy corn cakes with herbs and ricotta are a great game-day appetizer. What’s you favorite chili? We’ve got a regional round-up for you.