First Alternative Co-operative defines “local” as a product grown, made or processed by a business owned and operated within the six counties touching and including Benton county (Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion & Polk). These products are termed “Local 6″

A Vision

First Alternative Cooperative aspires to promote local goods, products, and services from within the Local 6 to advance the economic prosperity and sustainability of our community.

A Mission

First Alternative’s Buy Local emphasis supports the local economic vitality and sustainability by reconnecting our customers and owners to the producers, artists, and manufacturers in our community. The desired outcome is to keep money and jobs in our community, to have less of an impact on the environment as a result of shorter product transportation distances (although this may not be the case with all Local Six businesses, since some distribute their products through warehouses that are located beyond our Local Six definition), to contribute to the education of staff and customers the importance of directly supporting our local economy and finally to serve as a model business in the Corvallis community by taking a proactive stance in advancing the overall health of the Local Six counties.

Did you know? The Co-op carries over 1600 Local 6 products!

In 2009 the Co-op joined with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition to introduce the Local 6 to the community. The definition & logo have been adopted by the Food Action Team of the Coalition, known as the Corvallis Local 6 Connection, and it has made it’s way into elementary schools, OSU Dining Halls, and local resaturants! Read more here!