The Co-op offers jobs for people from all walks of life, and in all stages of their careers. Whether you’re a full time mom, a student, or looking to start a career in retail, the Co-op is the place for you.

First Alternative employs over 100 regular staff. The jobs these folks do fall in two categories. Operational staff make up the majority with about 80%, and non-operational (called non-ops), make up the other 20%.

Operational staff are the wheels that keep the Co-op’s healthy goodies moving from the order, to the shelf. These folks include recyclers, buyers, and cashiers and many more exciting positions.

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Non-ops are more like the drivers of this natural food wagon. They do all the behind the scenes work, from paying bills to keeping the registers running, from administering our outreach and donations programs to managing the budget.

Staff Forum

One of the awesome things about working at the Co-op is… the cooperation! At the Staff Forum, you get to see staff at it’s best-and everyone is welcome. Representatives from each department attend this lively and exciting meeting to discuss life at the Co-op. The group makes recommendations to the managers and has helped bring about some exciting changes to the store and even the community. For example, in 2007 the Forum created a subcommittee to research Corvallis municipal waste, which resulted in major improvements to our recycling system COMMUNITY WIDE!

The Elected Leadership Group (ELG) sets the agenda, and takes turns filling the roles of facilitator, note taker, timekeeper, and vibe watcher at the meetings.