There are many benefits to being an Owner at First Alternative:

- You’ll receive a Welcome Bag with useful information, owner coupons, and goodies!

- Choose your own Owner Sale Day for 10% off once per month!
– Electing Co-op Board of Directors
– Voting for Donation Recipients
– Receiving Co-op Thymes via mail
– Patronage Dividends as profitability allows
– Community-owned business investment
– Support Owner Worker opportunities

Cooperatives are leaders in building stronger, healthier communities. More than 800 million people around the world belong to cooperatives! These community partnerships play a vital part of your everyday life. We often consume food or buy products without considering where they originated. Things like coffee, wheat, or your favorite fruits most likely came from a farm  cooperative and your support is what keeps each co-op alive!

Knowing the source of the foods you eat, the services you employ,  and the products you purchase are just a few of the benefits of joining a cooperative. As a member, we invite you to take part in the way your favorite grocery store is run, and share in the profit.

But co-ops do much more than empower you with product choices. A co-op exists primarily for the benefit of its members. Many co-ops support and give back to the community through various programs and philanthropic activities as part of their commitment to cooperative values and principles. At First Alternative, our owners choose  specific organizations each quarter to give back to through programs like Beans for Bags and Cart for Corvallis. Another way we give back to the community is through School Scrip, where 1% of each FA transaction can go to the local school of your choice. This community approach to business is at the heart of the cooperative philosophy.

By joining a co-op, you contribute to a thriving local economy and you help change the way business is conducted in America and around the world.