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First Alternative Co-op is happy to offer hundreds of sale items to our shoppers every day. Most sales change every two weeks, but produce sales change every Wednesday. Save even more if you are an owner by shopping on monthly Owner Appreciation Sale Days!

Co+op Deals

Every two weeks our NCGA Co+op Deals rotate, providing new savings and specials throughout the month. View our monthly Co+op Deals HERE

You can find more information about the National Cooperative Advantage Program on their web site.

Case Discounts

Order an entire case of a product (usually 12 units) and you could receive a 10% discount! Just ask a Customer Service Representative for details. For most vitamins and supplements, you only need to order 3 bottles to get the discount! NOTE: the 10% case discount does not apply to sale items.

Online Coupons

Manufacturer coupons for some products carried at the Co-op can be found on the HealthESavers website. Please note that not all products on this web site are carried at First Alternative.

Market Bargains

You can save extra on products marked as Market Bargains. Sold as a service, not for profit, the markup on these items is just enough to cover the Co-op’s expenses and overhead. They are products that help meet basic nutritional or personal hygiene needs.

Products are marked on the shelf tags with the Market Bargain logo and are listed in the Co-op Thymes Local Scoop pages.

Coupon Book Racks

Coupons for products found at First Alternative Co-op are available in quarterly CAP coupon books and can be used by both Co-op owners and non-owners. Look for the coupon book racks close to the entrances of the stores.


The Co-op Thymes is the newspaper of First Alternative Co-op. Published on the 1st of each month, it is a free publication that is mailed to our owners and distributed in the stores and at other locations in Corvallis. Circulation is approximately 5000.

In addition to reports from the Board of Directors, GM and Store Managers, the Thymes is packed with important information about local food, nutrition information, and delicious recipes. You can find details on the latest natural foods, read about our Community Outreach projects, and get to know the Co-op staff better through the Staff Spotlight. At the center of it all are the Specials pages, packed with our monthly sales, recipes, and interesting tidbits about our products.

The Co-op Thymes is a great way to get the word out about your business. With direct mail to owners, distribution all over Corvallis, and an ever-growing email list, you can reach interested consumers for a fraction of the cost of other publications. For more information, please call Emily at (541) 753-3115 ext.321.

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