There are 3 great ways to advertise in the Thymes:


Display ads come in all shapes and sizes and convey your message visually. All display ads are placed inside the Thymes in black & white- the front and back covers are not available.

2014 display ad rates and sizes available now. please email Adam,, for more information.

Special discounts are available for advertisers choosing to commit to a minimum 6-month contract. 10% will be deducted from the ad rate for six-month contracted ads. Ads cannot change during the contract period, except when advertising FA sponsored events or promotions. A 20% discount is applicable for those choosing to pay their account in full upon signing a contract. With or without a contract you will be billed monthly unless you wish to pay in advance.

Submitting your display ad: Ads must be submitted to First Alternative by the 15th of the month prior to publication.

To submit ads via email, send to:
If emailing is not an option, you can:
• Bring in your ad on a CD (discs should be PC-formatted) or flash drive
• Mail a good-quality hard copy to us. To submit ads via mail, send to:
First Alternative Co-op, attn: Thymes, 1007 SE 3rd St, Corvallis OR 97333.

Electronic ads should be 300 dpi in TIFF, EPS, or PDF format – GRAYSCALE ONLY. We encourage you or your designer to call if you have any questions regarding proper file preparation BEFORE the deadline of the 15th to avoid art service fee charges (See below).

Along with your artwork, please include your name, billing address, a daytime phone number, and how long you’d like your ad to run for billing purposes.


30¢ per word. Maximum 100 words. Unclassified ads are well read. Their great response and affordable price make them a very popular way to advertise.

Submitting your unclassified ad: Please visit Customer Service at either store.  They will help you fill out an Unclassified form and collect your payment.

It is important to submit your ad by the 15th of the month preceding publication to be sure you ad will appear in the next month’s Thymes. If you would like your ad to be ongoing (minimum 3 months), we can bill you every 3 months.


$40. Maximum 50 words.

Submitting your health service guide ad: NEW! Health Service Guide Contracts: You can now sign up for a 6-month advertising period with your Health Service Guide ad and save 10% monthly. A 20% discount is available for contracts paid upon signing! HSG ads can be billed on a monthly basis, every 3 months, or paid in advance.

Submit your ad via email, or contact if you have any questions.


We can design your ad at the rate of $60/hour, pro-rated in 15-min increments. Please allow time for design by submitting your ad design requests by the 10th of the month prior to publication.

Art service fees are also applicable to any work that must be performed on submitted artwork to prepare it for publication. Please follow the guidelines for artwork submission listed above to avoid charges.

Opinions expressed in the Thymes, including paid advertisements for products and services, are strictly those of the authors or advertisers, and do not represent an endorsement by, or official position of, First Alternative Co-op, its Board, managers, or owners, unless specifically identified as such. All articles and advertising are subject to publisher’s approval. Ads containing any insults or attacks on other people will not be printed.

Your bill will arrive during the month of publication. Be sure to include your billing information when submitting your ad.
Payment is due within 10 days of receipt of invoice. In the event of late payment, any and all discounts will be void and you will be charged for the difference between the regular ad rate and the contracted ad rate for any ads that already printed during the contract period. Accounts delinquent after 60 days will be ineligible for further advertising, including ads covered under current contracts.

Calendar submissions are free to you but must be for free or donation-requested events only. Submissions should be sent to by the 15th of the month prior to the month of the event. We reserve the right to decide which events to place in the calendar.

Please Send you event in the following format (copy and paste)

Event Title:



Location & Address:

Event description:

Contact info: