Co+op Deals May 3-May 16, 2017 (Flyer A)

Co+op Deals Flyer A Sale May 3-May 16 Featured Inside: Quick, tasty, and affordable? Make Vegetarian Paella tonight! Our rhubarb cake recipe is a sweet, seasonal way to eat your vegetables. Make a special spring spread: herbed butter with freshly snipped herbs. Entertain a crowd sustainably, with tips, deals, and recipes from the [...]

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Co+op Deals May 17-May 30, 2017 (Flyer B)

Co+op Deals Flyer B Sale May 17-May 30 Featured Inside: Pack a tasty antipasto chicken sandwich and eat lunch outside. Stock up on Woodstock organic condiments (and maybe win a wagon, too!) Holland knows a thing or two when it comes to Gouda cheese. Local season’s in full swing; come on down to [...]

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