Benefits of Ownership

Co-op owners are our backbone! They help decide our product guidelines, vote to incorporate important changes, and decide how the Co-op gives back to the community! Some of the perks of becoming an owner include:

We-are-the-coop-markOwner Appreciation Sale Days
Owners who are current on their share payments, are allowed one 10% off discount day of their own choosing per month. This discount includes all purchases with the exception of sale items which are already discounted on the shelf and items such as Co-op classes and events, stamps, store supplies, gift cards, etc. Discounts do not stack one on top of another. When using the Owner Sale Day Discount no other discounts will apply including case discounts; percentage off a sale coupons, etc. Each owner share number is entitled to one discount day per month-a benefit that pays you back your owner share cost before you know it! Owners must be 18 or over.

Special Owner Gift Bag
You will receive a free reusable Co-op welcome bag containing special coupons, samples, and information about our store and our programs!

Co-op Thymes
Our monthly newspaper is a great source of information about seasonal eating and community news. Our affordable advertising is also a popular way to expand your business! Pick up your copy each month in the store or have it emailed to you.

A Vote, A Voice
Each owner share gets an equal vote. Co-op owners elect our Board of Directors and Beans for Bags donation recipients. As an owner, you can run for the Board and help shape our Co-op.

Owner-Worker Shifts
As positions are available, owners may choose to work at First Alternative as an opportunity to get involved in the store. Help with the day-to-day operations with a two-hour shift per week. For daily operations, contact Human Resources. For other tasks contact Outreach.

Patronage Dividends
Get rewarded for your patronage! Determined by the Board and distributed as profitability warrants, these are the return of net annual savings from sales to Co-op owners. Individual dividend amounts vary; the more you shop, the more you get!

It’s Refundable!
Should you choose to cash out your equity at any time, you will be paid the full amount of your share payment in accordance with our bylaws and withdrawal policy.

With your investment, we can continue to maintain our commitment to provide you with the highest quality food and products possible while cultivating programs to enable healthy lifestyles for our friends and neighbors!

How to buy your Owner Share
Visit the Customer Service Desk to become an owner today! Simply fill out an application, bring it to either Co-op location and choose a payment plan from the options listed below. Ownership in First Alternative is accessible to everyone!

Should you decide to terminate your ownership, you may sell your share back to us. We will refund the equity you have paid in accordance with our bylaws and withdrawal policy.

We offer the following payment options for your convenience:

Buy your Share in Full
A one-time payment of $70 buys your share (and you do have the opportunity to make a larger investment up to $300!)

Monthly Payment Plan
$20 dollars is all it takes to get your owner share started. After that, make payments of $10 per month over the next 5 months.

Low Income Plan
If you are on a very limited budget, opt to pay $10 down and $5 per month for the following 12 months. (Note: Eligibility is based on Oregon Trail and WIC income guidelines.)

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