Alpine Sourdough Bakery

Celebrating Local 6 Producers!

Alpine BAkerycheese_garlicA real family business making really good bread!

Alpine Sourdough Bakery, a family business first and foremost, has been proudly providing the Willamette Valley with nutritious, authentically-made sourdough bread since the mid-eighties.

It’s the real-deal: no eggs, no oils, sweetened only by honey or molasses, and most importantly, no yeast. Their breads are risen only through long fermentation by a real sourdough starter. They’ve been delivering their freshly-baked bread to First Alternative for years, putting smiles on customers’ faces and sandwiches in their hands.

After a devastating fire and a long period of rebuilding, the bakery was purchased by Larry Joyner and his son Christopher in April of 2013. The tried-and-true methods used to nurture the 85 year old sourdough starter—the heart of Alpine Sourdough Bakery’s operation—and the recipes they use remain the same as ever. Except for a few new breads (all of them delicious), the only changes made have been on the operational and marketing end of the business.

AlpineBakeryLarry’s other son, John, left his job as an executive chef to join the family business. Under his direction Alpine Sourdough Bakery opened the Food Shop at the bakery. John created a variety of sandwiches, crustini, soups, and salads that serve as a showcase for their sourdough breads. The Food Shop is open Monday Through Friday for lunch from 10-3. During the Farmers’ Market season they also offer a special Saturday Market Brunch from 9-2. They offer retail food and home bread baking items as well as their special flour blends for sale. All you need to do is add the salt and your own sourdough starter.

Asked about their efforts towards sustainability, Larry says, “We have been going through our entire supplier list to make sure we are buying from growers who are following sustainable practices, are certified non-GMO, organic (if available), and are as local as possible.” This effort coincides with the company’s basic philosophy of producing quality products from select producers, and providing food to a marketing area only as large as can be maintained on a consistent basis without losing their artisan methods and the joy of doing something right.

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