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Seasonal Produce-North & South Store

Why do I see some variation in the quality of produce throughout the year, particularly avocados and mangoes? Natalia Mikkola, South Store Produce Manager, and Kyle Mays, North Store Produce Manager That is a great question! The main reason is that all produce has a season. We do our best to source staple [...]

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Setting the Stage

I was not present at the creation of the Co-op. It was nine years old when I first entered its door. But, as one of the early Thymes writers/editors, I interviewed many of the organizers, plus countless local business owners, farmers, Co-op personalities and community organizers. Some, sadly, are gone forever. Others continue to [...]

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Plastic Bags-North & South Store

I believe that it is very important to reduce our use of plastic. Plastic is very harmful to the environment and human health. I urge the Co-op to replace the plastic bags used for loose teas and spices with paper bags. I have seen this being done at other grocery stores for such purposes. [...]

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Electric Car Charging Stations-North Store

Are the parking spaces at the North Store that have charging stations dedicated only for electric vehicles? Should they be? Bill Genné, North Store Manager The parking spaces with charging stations are not currently designated exclusively for electric vehicles. The amount of time they get used for charging is fairly limited and because [...]

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Outdoor Eating Area-North Store

Do you have any plans to update and improve the outdoor eating area at the North store? Bill Genné, North Store Manager Yes! We are planning on making improvements to the outdoor seating area, including the addition of more plants and greenery. We are excited to make this space a more visually appealing [...]

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Play Structure-South Store

The play structure outside the South Store seems very rickety. Do you have plans to replace it? Amy Bassett, South Store Manager Thank you for the feedback. We will be taking our current play structure down soon to ensure we are only providing access to safe play equipment. We hope to be able [...]

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