Beetanical Apiary

Celebrating Local 6 Producers!

beetanical6-e1404434198221The Beetanical Apiary Story:
We got started beekeeping when our neighbors moved and left their three hives behind. We added a few more each year until we had a few hundred (now many hundreds) and realized our place as full-time keepers of the bees. We love most to be so close to the natural world and all its wonder.

Owners: Jason and Elizabeth Rowan

Staff size: Three part-time employees

Location: Our business is home-based in Kings Valley, but our hives pollinate crops and flora in Linn, Lane, and Douglas counties.

beetanical4-e1404434146326How long have you been in business? Eight years

What products do you produce/distribute? Local honey, wax, and pollen

What does the Co-op buy from you? Honey!

How long have you sold to the Co-op? We began selling our bulk honey at the South Co-op in early 2013, when Heike and Kenny Williams of Wild Harvest Honey went into semi-retirement.

Food should be good for you and good for the earth. It just makes sense to take care of the One who is taking care of us.

What steps have you taken to be sustainable? We do our best to keep the bees healthy and productive with as little input as possible. We focus on providing a natural well-balanced diet of local flora and use organic medications, only using conventional methods when absolutely necessary. Our carbon footprint is low for all the plant-promoting we do.




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