The 1970s

Open For Business: The 1970s Opening day was November 23, 1970. Corvallis’s newest grocery store was well-scrubbed, if not well-stocked... “I think there were three burlap sacks—one [...]

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How It All Began

How It All Began In the late 60s a handful of OSU students with Associate Professor of Botany Dr. William Denison as their faculty advisor wanted to start a cooperative grocery store. “Co-ops were the coming thing on the west coast at that time,” Denison [...]

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Setting the Stage

I was not present at the creation of the Co-op. It was nine years old when I first entered its door. But, as one of the early Thymes writers/editors, I interviewed many of the organizers, plus countless local business owners, farmers, Co-op personalities and community organizers. Some, sadly, are gone forever. Others continue to [...]

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