Local Spotlight: Organically Grown Company

Welcome to the Local Spotlight, where every month we will feature one of our favorite local providers. We’re going to try and keep it fresh by covering aspects of the local food system we may have previously overlooked, (any suggestions on the hows and who’s, dear readers, would be greatly appreciated.)Often we’ll concentrate on the [...]

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Spring Hill Organic Farm

Owners: Jamie Kitzrow & Lisa Schwartz Crew: 30 people in the summer, 8 in the winter, and 20 to help at farmers' markets Location: North Albany Acreage: 45 acres Since: 1990 What do you grow? We’re strictly vegetables. We grow 18 items for Organically Grown Company's wholesale distribution network, with kale, cucumbers, chicories, and red [...]

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La Mancha Ranch and Orchard

Owners: David Landis and Anita Azarenko Crew size: one full-time and up to 6 part-time Acreage farmed: 160 Years in operation: 45 years of beef cattle; 22 years in fruit and hazelnuts La Mancha Ranch and Orchard grows certified organic apples, cherries, peaches, apricots, pears, table grapes, asparagus, plums and hazelnuts. They also raise non-certified [...]

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Gathering Together Farm

John Eveland and Sally Brewer have been running Gathering Together Farm (GTF) for 27 years. In that time they've become indispensable to the Co-op, to local farmers' markets, to lovers of fresh and delicious food, and to the Willamette Valley itself. John and Sally each come from a long line of farmers. John comes 3 [...]

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