First Alternative Co-op Board of Directors

Elected by First Alternative Co-op Owners and tasked with representing their interests, the Board of Directors is responsible for directing the Co-op’s affairs and making decisions regarding its future course.

As representatives of the Owners, the Board:
1) establishes overall policies and objectives
2) sets financial goals and approves major financial transactions
3) selects the General Manager and evaluates his/her performance
4) reviews and approves budgets
5) guides the long-term vision of the Co-op through its Ends Statements.

Board meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month at 6 pm. Each meeting begins with a ten-minute period for Owner comments. Questions? Comments? Contact the Co-op Board at [email protected]

Co-op Documents

Take a look through the Co-op Bylaws, Ends Statements, and Principles

Filing Cabinet

Click here for the next meeting agenda; minutes are available to Owners upon request. Email [email protected] or leave a message at Customer Service.

File folder

Co-op Board and Committee Meetings

This is a monthly regular meeting for the First Alternative Co-op Board. Agenda items generally flow from issues brought up in committee meetings. Owner comments are welcome in the first ten minutes of each meeting.

Meeting every last Tuesday

6:00 p.m.

Held Online

Board Recruitment and Elections Committee

The Board Recruitment and Elections Committee is tasked with the recruitment and orientation of board members, with developing and maintaining procedures for elections and referenda, and with implementing and supervising elections.

Meeting every 2nd Tuesday

6:00 p.m.

North Store Meeting Room