First Alternative Co-op Board of Directors

Elected by First Alternative Co-op Owners and tasked with representing their interests, the Board of Directors is responsible for directing the Co-op’s affairs and making decisions regarding its future course.

As representatives of the Owners, the Board:
1) establishes overall policies and objectives
2) sets financial goals and approves major financial transactions
3) selects the General Manager and evaluates his/her performance
4) reviews and approves budgets
5) guides the long-term vision of the Co-op through its Ends Statements.

Board meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month at 6 pm. Each meeting begins with a ten-minute period for Owner comments. Questions? Comments? Contact the Co-op Board at [email protected]

Co-op Documents

Take a look through the Co-op Bylaws, Ends Statements, and Principles

Filing Cabinet

Click here for the next meeting agenda; minutes are available to Owners upon request. Email [email protected] or leave a message at Customer Service.

File folder

Co-op Board and Committee Meetings

This is a monthly regular meeting for the First Alternative Co-op Board. Agenda items generally flow from issues brought up in committee meetings. Owner comments are welcome in the first ten minutes of each meeting.

Meeting every last Tuesday

6:00 p.m.

Held Online