Nancy’s Yogurt

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nancysYogurtNancy’s supplies the Co-op with delicious milk yogurts, greek yogurts, and soy yogurts!

Business: Springfield Creamery
Product: Nancy’s Yogurt
Owners: Chuck & Sue Kesey
Location: Eugene, Oregon

Crew size: 60
How long have you been in the business? 53 years- since 1960
What do you produce? Nancy’s Natural and Organic Cultured Dairy and Soy Products
What does the Co-op buy from you? Nancy’s full line of Organic and Natural Cultured Dairy and Soy products
How long have you sold to the Co-op? Since the beginning…. Circa 1970
What sustainable practices does your business employ? We continue to use recyclable, reusable HDPE 2 containers, we have a 63.5kw solar electric system which generates a good portion of the power we use in our plant, and we also have installed a heat-recovery system which allow us to reduce the amount of natural gas required for operation.
We do not have dairy cows, but purchase our milk from family farms and small cooperatives within a 60 mile radius of our plant in Eugene.

The Nancy’s Story »»»
In 1960 the Kesey family opened the doors to Springfield Creamery in Springfield, Oregon. A small, humble creamery, it soon became clear that a niche product was needed to survive – and in 1970 Nancy’s Yogurt was born. At this time Nancy Hamren came to work for the creamery with yogurt making experience from her grandmother. Her experience, paired with Chuck Kesey’s expertise with cultures and probiotics was the perfect match. That first Nancy’s Yogurt, with the probiotic acidophilus culture, came to customers in the early 1970s in glass canning jars.

From there the story has evolved over half a century thanks to loyal customers, longtime employees and sustainable business practices. Today Springfield Creamery offers over 85 Nancy’s Cultured Natural and Organic Dairy and Soy Products, using local rBGH-free milk, real fruits, no cane sugars and of course, live, beneficial probiotics in each and every Nancy’s product. The Kesey family still owns and operates Springfield Creamery today, just as they have for 50 years. Amazing what can be achieved when one stays true to the principles of natural living, healthful foods and their community.

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