Delivery Orders from the North Store

If you are able to shop in the store, we ask that you please do so. While we are experiencing limited resources and staffing due to the pandemic, we want to ensure those who need this service are able to access it. This service is intended for high risk individuals in the community and for those in quarantine. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding! 

Deliveries are available on Tuesdays and Fridays. We will do our best to fulfill all orders within three days of receiving them, Monday-Friday. Due to unpredictable order numbers and staffing considerations, we may need more time to fulfill your order. If we are not able to complete your order in that timeframe, we will be sure to contact you. Deliveries will typically happen between 11am-3pm. We can deliver within a 10 mile radius from each store.

Delivery orders have a $10 service fee to help us address the extra resources it takes to facilitate these services. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

IMPORTANT: We are unable to accommodate add-on items after you have placed your order. If you forget any items, you are welcome to place a new order that will be fulfilled based on when it is received. We apologize for any inconvenience.

You will receive a confirmation email after you click “Send” to confirm your order was received.

    Are you an Owner?

    Owners: If available, would you like to use your Owner Sale Day? (Orders using Owner Sale Days must be placed at least two days before the end of the month to ensure they can be processed in time)
    NoYesNot applicable

    SHOPPING LIST (Be as specific as possible (brand, item name, package size, flavor) and be sure to include the quantity desired of each item.)

    Can we substitute an item for something similar? (If you choose yes, we will substitute the closest item available. If you are only okay with certain substitutions, please identify that in your shopping list. If you choose no, we will simply skip that item if we do not have it. Please note that we will only be able to accommodate substitutions indicated on the order form and will not be able to accommodate additional substitutions once we have completed shopping for your order.)
    Yes, please find the closest item available.No, if you don't have that item, just skip it on the list.

    Do you prefer bags or boxes? (Please note that bags are 5 cents each. If boxes are unavailable, we will use bags.)
    No preferenceBagsBoxes

    Are you flexible about which store your order is fulfilled at? (If you choose yes, we may be able to fulfil your order earlier depending on resource availability. Please note that product selections do vary slightly at each store and items are not guaranteed. If you choose no, we will fulfill your order as usual.)