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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Building a More Inclusive Co-op Community

We talk a lot about community here at the Co-op, but we also recognize that real change comes not through talk, but with education, inclusion, and outreach. Our actions matter. Here are some ways we are currently working toward a more just and welcoming community.

grocery bottles and cans with words "diversity, equity, inclusive trade" on them

Inclusive Trade

First Alternative believes a diverse supply chain promotes greater innovation, a healthier competitive environment, and more equitably distributed benefits among all community members. Working with our national partner organization, National Co-op Grocers, we hope to build a more just society by cultivating partnerships with businesses owned by diverse people. Look for our new inclusive trade tags as you shop. They’ll help you identify and support products from businesses that are BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+, and veteran-owned. We’re adding more all the time, so keep your eyes peeled!

DEI Education

Co-op staffers put together a Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI) focus group to help ensure we are making the Co-op a safe, open, and welcoming place for everyone to work and shop. First Alternative’s JEDI group helps facilitate learning opportunities for staff by sourcing and sharing articles and resources on a wide variety of diversity-related topics. Staff and store leadership have also taken advantage of valuable educational opportunities on topics including diversity, equity, and inclusion, unconscious bias, microaggressions, LGBTQIA+ 101, allyship, and bystander training.

Local Partnerships

First Alternative Co-op has developed important relationships with local organizations working towards equity in our community, including the Linn-Benton NAACP and OSU NAACP chapters. We support theses branches each year through promotion, donations, event partnerships, and sponsorship funding to help ensure they can continue the important work they do. We have also created opportunities for the community of Co-op shoppers to show their support via additional fundraising campaigns at the register.