Is there any chance we can find an alternative to single-use plastic containers for items in the grab-n-go case? There are many times I’d really like a piece of cheesecake or something, but will not use a single use container made of plastic.


Jeremy Northway, South Store Deli Manager

Thank you for sharing your comments regarding single use plastics with us. This is an area we are passionate about and committed to reducing our impact.

Current Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) rules stipulate that all temperature sensitive foods require a new container, which has restricted our ability to provide a reusable container program for the time being. We are in the process of helping the rules committee to revise these standards to reflect the needs of customers, safety, and the environment. We hope to be able to move forward with a reusable container program in the future.

We do offer many of our items in the service case and you can use any of our packages (paper included), or in-house plates for those items. Our deli team would be happy to help you find an item and container that fit your needs!