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Oregonians love their beer, and we are proud to carry international favorites as well as micro-brews available only in the Pacific Northwest. We also have one of the best mix six pack programs in town. With no additional charge for mixing and matching customers can try new beers at a reasonable price.


Did you know that Oregon is one of the nation’s top wine producers? First Alternative embraces this opportunity by offering a wide range of local wines. Feel free to ask our resident wine experts for advice on selecting a bottle or for tips to pair wine with your favorite foods.


Our selection includes choices that are available both seasonally and year round. Most of the ciders we carry are made in Oregon. We have one of the largest selections of gluten free ciders, meads, and even beers. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you make your selections.

Kristana Burt
Beer & Wine Buyer, North Store
[email protected]

Tiffany Neylan
Grocery Manager, South Store
[email protected]