Recycling Center

Here at the Co-op we recycle as much as we can because we want to be responsible stewards of the environment and if the end users of the recyclable materials are in fact not following safe and responsible practices we in turn are just kicking the proverbial can down the street and in this case to another continent.

ATTENTION: Due to pick up challenges, we are unable to accept metal of any kind for the foreseeable future. The one exception to this rule is co-mingled metal.

As stewards of our planet, we must do everything we can to prevent waste and conserve resources.

Recycling-Center-duoAt the Co-op Recycling Center, we help you do your part by accepting a huge assortment of items that you cannot put in your curbside recycling carts and provide an option for those who do not have that service. Together we can stop making more landfills and start making something out of our waste!

**Due to import regulations through Agri-Plas,we are no longer able to accept miscellaneous household plastic, nursery  drip tape, seedsacks, supersacks, pet food sacks, nursery pot tags, colored film bags, Greenhouse films will need to be reviewed on a case~by-case basis. Call us before you bring it in. Although we don’t accept hard plastics, synthetic rubber corks can be recycled in our bins for hard plastics**

If you have any questions concerning recycling at the Co-op, check the recycling office for the recycler on duty or go to Customer Service in the store.

Learn more about: Accepted Items vs. Unaccepted Items, Special Item Recycling, Styrofoam recycling and Additional Resources in our recycling brochure!

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