Meat & Poultry


South Store Meat Manager
Holly Smith


North Store Meat Manager
Jeannie Holiday

Do you know where your meat is coming from? Most “natural” beef sold in stores across the nation is from animals that are grain-fed. This usually means they are fed corn and other grains in a confined feedlot. Grass-fed beef comes from animals that eat perennial grasses all their lives. And you know what? We have never been so excited to shout “Our meat is 100% grass fed!” Not 90%, not 95% — 100%!

We proudly carry:

Cattail Creek Farm, Junction City, OR
Deck Family Farms, Junction City, OR
Draper Valley, Mt. Vernon, WA
Lonely Lane Farm, Mt. Angel, OR
McK Ranch, Dallas, OR
Niman Ranch, San Fransisco, CA
Rainshadow El Rancho, Scio, OR
Walker Farm, Siletz, OR

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