Bulk Foods


North Store Grocery/Bulk Manager
Chris Johnson


South Store Grocery/Bulk Manager
Tiffany Neylan

arrowroot-powderBuy in Bulk and get as little or as much as you need! We have an outstanding selection of over 700 different bulk products! These include a wide range of organic, local and Fair Trade certified items.

Looking for a specific bulk product by PLU#? Check out our Bulk  Search Lookup!

Bulk shopping saves you money on your food bill to keep you within your budget while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of natural and organic eating.

With less material use, bulk products cost less and create less waste than their packaged counterparts. You can make your bulk buying even more environmentally friendly by bringing your own containers or by using the sanitized containers we supply in our bulk department! We accept container donations in bins outside our stores. We sanitize these containers and offer them free for customers to reuse for bulk purchases.

Did you know…

  • On average, 9% of the amount you spend on any packaged product is the cost of its packaging.
  • Packaging represents roughly 33% of municipal waste in the United States.
  • Americans discard 2.5 million plastic containers every hour. Less than 3% of them are recycled.

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