Deli & Kitchen

Kitchen Manager
Kalon Russell
South Store Deli Manager
Holly Smith
North Store Deli Manager
Jeannie Holiday

Our delicious deli offerings are produced in our full-size commercial kitchen at the South Store!

We take pride in what we do, providing the community with fresh, locally-made food, using local, sustainable ingredients whenever possible. Visit our deli for a taste of some of our homemade fare!

View our NEW Special Order Platter Guide below or download a PDF copy.


We accept special orders for many different items, not just desserts! Stop by our deli to see some of our fresh, ready made items or take a look at our special order guide for more mouth-watering dishes that can be ordered for your next event!

Accommodation for special dietary needs may be available. For more information and to place your special order with our Customer Service staff, call:

South Store CS: 541-753-3115
North Store CS: 541-452-3115

South Store Deli Hours:
Hot Bar: 7am-7:30pm
Salad Bar: 7am-8pm

North Store Deli Hours:
Breakfast: 7am-11am
Hot Bar: 10:30am-8pm
Salad Bar: 10:30am-7:30pm

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