South Store Produce Manager
Bernie Kurten

First Alternative Co-op’s produce department is committed to providing you with the freshest, highest quality produce at a fair and reasonable price.

Local and Organic Produce

Our amazing selection of organic produce varies with each season, but you can always expect to find local options available every day. Just look for our Grower Direct labels to easily distinguish which fruits and vegetables arrived directly from local farms!

We offer weekly produce sales that change every Wednesday. Keep an eye out for all of your favorite Seasonal Produce!  (and check out this cool produce chart!)We love to sample out some of our favorite seasonal produce, so make sure to see what we have available when you come to the Co-op!

Looking for recipe ideas? Our knowledgeable produce staff is happy to offer you advice on preparing and cooking any produce items we sell. We also have recipe cards available for our staff’s favorite creations in the store and in our online recipe library.

Garden Seeds

Each spring, we have garden seeds available from many of the local and regional seed producers! Whether you are interested in a food garden, a flower garden, or a medicinal herb garden, we have a diverse selection of seeds for all of your fun interests!

Interested in sprouting your own seeds? We love sprouts here at the Co-op and have a cart dedicated to our sprouting enthusiasts! Whether you are just now starting your own personal sprouting station or are in need of some new seeds, we can assist you and answer any questions you may have!

Bananas Can Make a Difference!

We are proud to carry organic GROW bananas from the family-owned Organics Unlimited farm in Mexico. The farm enforces sustainable practices, pays employees a fair wage for their labor and provides a safe and pleasant work environment.

grow_logoMayra Velazquez de Leon, president of Organics Unlimited, has also begun her own charitable initiative to help farm laborers create better lives for themselves and their families. Through the program, called GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers), bananas are sold at a minimum price to retailers and a percentage of every sale is used to provide education and health services to some of Mexico’s poorest citizens.

As of March 2009, Organics Unlimited has donated more than $294,000 through GROW. First Alternative Co-op’s banana sales have contributed  $8,300 of that amount.

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