Beer & Wine

We have a mighty selection of libations for all occasions and a super knowledgeable staff to boot!

Oregonians love their beer, cider and mead and we are proud to carry international favorites as well as many micro-brews available only in the Pacific Northwest!

Our selection includes many choices that are available both seasonally and year round! We have one of the largest selections of gluten free ciders, meads, and even beers! Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you make your selections.

Did you know that Oregon is one of the nation’s top wine producers? With over 70 grape varieties growing in our state, including our popular pinot noir, its no wonder Oregonians take their wine seriously! The wine department at First Alternative Co-op is no exception, so you know that any bottle you choose has met our high standards of quality. And if you think that good wine has to be expensive, then we’re here to prove you wrong! Our international and domestic selection includes many affordable options, and you can always find local, organic and salmon-safe varieties. Feel free to ask our resident wine experts for advice on selecting a bottle or for tips to pair wine with your favorite foods.

Weekly Tastings
Come to our free tastings and learn more about our wine or beer, develop your palate, enjoy some appetizers and chat about it with your tasting neighbors:
Keep a lookout for tasting events on our calendar.

Click here to see our calendar.

Cork Recycling at the Co-op!

First Alternative Co-op accepts wine corks for recycling. You can recycle your natural corks by depositing them in the cork bin near the entrance of our recycling center (just south of our south parking lot, next to Fireworks restaurant). Synthetic rubber corks can be recycled in our bins for hard plastics. More information about corks here.

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