Bulk Foods Look-up

We have all opened our cupboard to find a mystery bulk item that we can’t remember what it is. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Simply enter the number you wrote down from the bulk bin (also known as the PLU) into the search bar below. If you still have questions, feel free to call Customer Service at 541-452-3115 (North Store) or 541-753-3115 (South Store).

1143Ginger Chews Double Strength
1195Truffles Assorted Flavors
1500Arrowroot Powder
1501Xanthan Gum
1502Baking Powder
1503Baking Soda
1504Buttermilk Powder
1507Carob Powder Roasted
1509Hot Cocoa Mix
1510Milk Chocolate Buttons OG
1511Dark Chocolate Chips
151370% Dark Chocolate Discs
151465% Dark Chocolate Discs
1515Powdered Sugar
1517Coconut Medium Shred
1518Gourmet Caramels Assorted
1519Coconut Large Flake
1520Soy-Free 70% Dark Chocolate
1522Milk Powder Non-fat
1523Cocoa Powder Dutch Processed
1524Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1526Nutritional Yeast Large Flake
1527Nutritional Yeast Mini-Flake
1528Guar Gum
1529Cocoa Powder
1530Sea Salt
1531Raw Cacao Powder
1532Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1533100% Chocolate Liquor
1534White Chocolate Chunks
153570% Dark Chocolate Rounds
1537Dark Choc. Chips Allergen-Free
1538Willamette Valley Bee Pollen
1539Nutritional Yeast
1540Real Salt Fine
154170% Dark Chocolate Wafers
1542Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey
1544Vanilla Extract Single Fold
1550Brown Sugar
1551Brown Sugar
1553OG Raw Blue Agave Syrup
1555Test Generic Bulk Item Tares
1556Maple Syrup Grade A Dark Amber
1557Maple Sugar
1558Maple Syrup Grade A Dark Amber
1559Coconut Palm Sugar
1560Demerara Sugar Fair Trade
1562Blackstrap Molasses
1563Sweet Molasses (Barbados)
1566Yeast Active Dry
1568Arrowroot Powder
1569Saf-Instant Yeast Gold Label
1570Saf-Instant Yeast Red Label
1590Maple Syrup Grd. A Light Amber
1600Adzuki Beans
1601Local Black Beans
1602Black Beans
1603Fava Beans
1604Blackeyed Peas
1605Garbanzo Beans Local
1606Orca Beans Local
1607Garbanzo Beans
1608Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)
1609Giant Beans
1610Pink Beans
1611Green Split Peas
1612Black (Beluga) Lentils
1613Kidney Beans Dark Red
1614Green Lentils
1615Brown Lentils
1616French Green Lentils
1617Lima Beans Baby
1618Red Lentils
1619Desi Garbanzo Beans
1620Pinto Beans
1621Pinto Beans
1622Red Chili Beans (Small Red)
1623Red Lentils
1624Small White Beans (Navy)
1626Yellow Split Peas
1627Cannellini Beans
1628Cranberry Beans
1629Orca Beans
1630Test Cold Brew Tare
1632Cranberry Beans
1633Blackeyed Peas
1635Flageolet Beans
1698Very Berry Mix
1700Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
1701Chocolate Peanuts
1702Wasabi Peas
1703Cranberry Harvest
1704Roasted Corn
1705Acai Coconut Energy Bites
170765% Dark Chocolate Raisins
1708Corn Snack
1709Carob Spirulina Energy Bar
1712Cacao Goji Energy Bar
1713Crystallized Ginger
1714Seed Bites Chocolate Sunbutter
1715Energy Bites Peanut Hemp
1716Almond Pumpkin Paleo Bites
1717OG Walnut Hemp Paleo Energy
1719Blueberry Hemp Energy Bites
1720Date Flax Turmeric Energy Bar
1721Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
1724Sunny Fruit Slices
1725Zen Party Mix
1726Peanut Milk Chocolate Drops
1728Lemon Pomegranate Energy Bar
1729Pumpkin Seed Roasted & Salted
1730Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
1732Jumbo Virginia Peanuts R&S
1733Jolly Beans
173465% Dark Chocolate Almonds
1735Butter Shortbread Cookies
1736Snappy Ginger Cookies
1737Lemon Almond Biscotti
1738Orange Biscotti
1739Yogurt Raisins
1740Yogurt Pretzels
1741Milk Choc. Peanut Butter Cups
1742Salty Caramels
1743Salty Chocolate Caramels
1744Chocolate Covered Ginger
1745Rainbow Drops Milk Chocolate
1746Salty Natural Licorice
1747Sunny Worms
1749Chocolate Haystacks
1750Blue Corn Chips
1752Chips Lightly Salted
1753Chips No Salt
1754Yogurt Almonds
1755Plantain Chips
1756OG Tortilla Chips
1757Inka Corn
1758Dark Chocolate Banana Coins
1759Dark Chocolate Cherries
1760Dark Chocolate Pretzels
1761Ginger Chews
1763Cheddar Sesame Sticks
1765Poppy Onion Sesame Sticks
1766Wild Rice Sticks
1768Whole Wheat Sesame Sticks
1770Chocolate Ginger
1771Triple Berry Granola
1780Crystallized Ginger
1788Watermelon Rings
1789Delish Fish
1797Gummy Bears
1798Gummy Worms
1799Fruit Chews
180035% Fruit Muesli
1801Cinnamon Nut Granola
1802Strawberry Raspberry Granola
1804Cardamom Pistachio Granola
1807Hemp Plus Granola
1811Cherry Pecan Crunchy Granola
1813Maple Almond Granola
1814Honey Cashew Vanilla Cereal
1815Strawberry Vanilla Granola
1818Super Nutty Granola
1821Swiss Muesli
1822Ginger Snap Granola
1823Wildberry Muesli
1824American Beauty Granola
1825Coconut Almond Granola
1826Blueberry Almond Granola
1827Paleo Coconut Crunch Granola
1829Bucky's Raw Hazelnut Crunch
1830Triple Berry Action
1831Ancient Grains Granola
1832Paleo Maple Pecan Granola
1833GF Aunt Maple's Granola
1834GF Aunt Ginger's Granola
1835Paleo Coconut Ginger Granola
1836Maple Cranberry Granola
1837Mix Granola Coconut Gingersnap
1838GF Cinnamon Nut Granola
1839Wild Blueberry Flax Granola
1840French Vanilla Granola
1841Coconut Almond Granola
1843French Vanilla Almond Granola
1847Stoopid Simple Granola
1849Dark Chocolate Pecan Granola
1850Columbia Gorge Classic Granola
1851Classic GF Granola
1852Chocolate Chunk Coconola
1853Cranberry Hazelnut Granola
1854Cardamom Coconut Granola
1866The Bee's Knees Granola
1867Harvest Porridge
1905Viking Blonde 37
1909Ethiopian Fair Trade
1910French Roast
1911Fair Trade Decaf Harmony
1912Breakfast Blend Decaf
1913Sale Variety
1914Light Speed
1915Black Rocks Mountain Clouds
1916French Roast
1917Mochó Blend
1918Breakfast Blend Dark