Bulk Foods Look-up

We have all opened our cupboard to find a mystery bulk item that we can’t remember what it is. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Simply enter the number you wrote down from the bulk bin (also known as the PLU) into the search bar below. If you still have questions, feel free to call Customer Service at 541-452-3115 (North Store) or 541-753-3115 (South Store).

00195Monterey Jack Shredded
00324Mozzarella Ciliegine
00463Parmigiano Reggiano
10Vitamin C
1143Ginger Chews Double Strength
1195Truffles Assorted Flavors
1500Arrowroot Powder
1501Xanthan Gum
1502Baking Powder
1503Baking Soda
1504Buttermilk Powder
1507Carob Powder Roasted
1509Hot Cocoa Mix
1510Milk Chocolate Buttons OG
1511Dark Chocolate Chips
151370% Dark Chocolate Discs
151465% Dark Chocolate Discs
1515Powdered Sugar
1517Coconut Medium Shred
1518Gourmet Caramels Assorted
1519Coconut Large Flake
1522Milk Powder Non-fat
1523Cocoa Powder Dutch Processed
1524Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1526Nutritional Yeast Large Flake
1527Nutritional Yeast Mini-Flake
1528Guar Gum
1529Cocoa Powder
1531Raw Cacao Powder
1532Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1533100% Chocolate Liquor
1534White Chocolate Chunks
153570% Dark Chocolate Rounds
1537Dark Choc. Chips Allergen-Free
1539Nutritional Yeast
1544Vanilla Extract Single Fold
1550Brown Sugar
1551Brown Sugar
1552Date Sugar Raw
1553OG Raw Blue Agave Syrup
1557Maple Sugar
1558Maple Syrup Grade A Dark Amber
1559Coconut Palm Sugar
1560Demerara Sugar Fair Trade
1562Blackstrap Molasses
1563Sweet Molasses (Barbados)
1566Yeast Active Dry
1569Saf-Instant Yeast Gold Label
1570Saf-Instant Yeast Red Label
1590Maple Syrup Grd. A Light Amber
1600Adzuki Beans
1601Local Black Beans
1602Black Beans
1603Fava Beans
1604Blackeyed Peas
1605Garbanzo Beans Local
1606Orca Beans Local
1607Garbanzo Beans
1608Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)
1609Giant Beans
1610Pink Beans
1611Green Split Peas
1612Black (Beluga) Lentils
1613Kidney Beans Dark Red
1614Green Lentils
1615Brown Lentils
1616French Green Lentils
1617Lima Beans Baby
1618Red Lentils
1619Desi Garbanzo Beans
1620Pinto Beans
1621Pinto Beans
1622Red Chili Beans (Small Red)
1623Red Lentils
1624Small White Beans (Navy)
1626Yellow Split Peas
1627Cannellini Beans
1628Cranberry Beans
1629Orca Beans
1632Cranberry Beans
1633Blackeyed Peas
1635Flageolet Beans
1699Dark Choc. Peanuts & Raisins
1706Sesame Crunch
1726Peanut Milk Chocolate Drops
1742Salty Caramels
1743Salty Chocolate Caramels
1744Chocolate Covered Ginger
1747Sunny Worms
1748Pecan Caramels Milk Chocolate
1749Chocolate Haystacks
1750Blue Corn Chips
1753Chips No Salt
1769Miso Brown Rice Crackers
1770Chocolate Ginger
1771Triple Berry Granola
180035% Fruit Muesli
1801Cinnamon Nut Granola
1802Strawberry Raspberry Granola
1804Cardamom Pistachio Granola
1805Hemp & Greens Cereal
1807Hemp Plus Granola
1811Cherry Pecan Crunchy Granola
1813Maple Almond Granola
1814Honey Cashew Vanilla Cereal
1818Super Nutty Granola
1819Raspberries & Cream Granola
1820Cocoa Chia Granola
1821Swiss Muesli
1822Ginger Snap Granola
1823Wildberry Muesli
1825Coconut Almond Granola
1826Blueberry Almond Granola
1827Paleo Coconut Crunch Granola
1828Honey Gone Nuts Granola
1829Bucky's Raw Hazelnut Crunch
1830Triple Berry Action
1831Ancient Grains Granola
1832Paleo Maple Pecan Granola
1834Aunt Ginger's Granola
1835Paleo Coconut Ginger Granola
1836Maple Cranberry Granola
1837Mix Granola Coconut Gingersnap
1839Wild Blueberry Flax Granola
1840French Vanilla Granola
1841Coconut Almond Granola
1843French Vanilla Almond Granola
1844OG Original Granola
1845OG GF Maple Fig Granola
1847Stoopid Simple Granola
1848Paleo Ginger Chocolate Granola
1850Columbia Gorge Classic Granola
1851Coffee Crunch Coconola
1852Chocolate Chunk Coconola
1853Cranberry Hazelnut Granola
1854Cardamom Coconut Granola
1866The Bee's Knees Granola
1867Harvest Porridge
1905Viking Blonde 37
1909Ethiopian Fair Trade
1910French Roast
1911Fair Trade Decaf Harmony
1912Breakfast Blend Decaf
1913Sale Variety
1915Black Rocks Mountain Clouds
1916French Roast
1917Mochó Blend
1918Breakfast Blend Dark
1919Labor of Love
1923Bali Blue Moon
1924Trinity Blend
1925BioRevolution! Coffee
1941French Roast
1942Midnight Sun
1943Bird of Paradise
1945French Roast Decaf
1949WTF Roast
1950Seasonal Variety
1951Bike Fuel
1952Stampede French Sumatra
1954Light Sumatran
1957Mind Body & Soul Blend
1960Love Buzz
1961Seasonal Blend
1962City Roast
1965French Roast
1966Woods Creek
1968Breakfast Blend
1970The People's Roast
1972Moka Java
1975New Guinean
1976Costa Rican
1980River Mud
1984Peruvian Medium
1985Tango Roast
1986Breakfast Blend
1987Emerald City Espresso
1988Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
1989Nitro Cold Brew Coffee + CBD
1990Tango Roast Decaffeinated
1991Italian Roast
2013Vanilla Bean
2200Mexican Seasoning
2201Fenugreek Seed Ground
2202Garlic Pepper
2203Agar-Agar (Kanten) Powder
2204Chipotle Powder
2205Garlic Salt
2209Allspice Ground
2210Annatto Seed
2212Allspice Whole
2216Alum Granules
2218Anise Seed Whole
2221Anise Star OG
2222Star Anise
2233Bay Leaf Whole
2239Cajun Seasoning
2242Caraway Seed Whole
2245Cardamom Ground
2248Cardamom Pods
2251Cardamom Seed Hulled
2257Cayenne Hot (75000 H.U.)
2260Cayenne Mild (35000 H.U.)
2263OG Celery Salt
2265Celery Seed
2266Celery Seed
2273Chili Flakes
2274Chili Powder Ancho
2275Chili Peppers Red Whole
2278Chili Powder Blend
2281Chives Freeze-Dried
2284Cilantro Leaf
2294Citric Acid
2302Cloves Whole
2305Coriander Ground
2306Gumbo Filé Powder
2308Coriander Whole
2309Almonds Sliced
2310Sliced Almonds
2311Cream of Tartar
2317Cumin Seed Whole
2320Curry Powder Muchi (Hot)
2321Curry Powder Thai
2323Curry Powder Standard
2324Curry Powder
2325Cumin Seed Ground
2326Calcium Citrate
2329Dill Seed Whole
233Parmesan Grated
2332Dill Weed
2333Red Chili Roasted Powder
2338Fennel Seed Whole
2339Curry Leaf
234Parmesan Shredded
2340Chile Powder Habanero 190k HU
2341Five Spice Powder
2342OG Ancho Chili Powder
2344Garam Masala
2347Garlic Minced
235Parmesan Shaved
2353Garlic Granules
2356Garlic Powder
2359Garlic Salt
237Asiago Shredded
2371Mediterranean Oregano
2373Herbs de Provence
2377Italian Seasoning
2379Juniper Berries
238Feta Sheep`s Milk
2380Kelp Granules
2381Kudzu Powder
2382Nori Flakes
2383Lemon Peel
2389Low-Methoxyl Pectin
239Ovoline Mozzarella
2395Mustard Seed Brown
2396Seasoning Salt
2397All-Purpose Seasoning
240Mozzarella Ciliegine
2401Mustard Seed Yellow
2404Mustard Ground Yellow
2405Hawaiian Black Sea Salt
2407Mustard Hot Ground
2409Salt Kosher Flakes
241Shredded 3-Cheese Blend
2410Salt Coarse Alder-Smoked
2413Nutmeg Ground
2416Nutmeg Whole
2419Onion Minced
2422Onion Granules
2425Onion Powder
2428Orange Peel
2435Paprika Smoked
2437Paprika Hungarian
2439Paprika Spanish
2456Pepper Blend
24574-Pepper Blend Whole
2460Pepper White Ground
2464Pepper White Whole
2467Pickling Spice
2468Pickling Spice
2472Popcorn Spice Cheddar
2473Birdseye Chili Whole
2476Potato Starch
2477Potato Starch
2479Poultry Seasoning
2480Pumpkin Pie Spice
2482Rosemary Leaf
2483Rosemary Powder
2485Sage Leaf
2487Sumac Berry Ground
2488Sage Ground
2489Za'atar Blend
2491Savory Winter
2492Taco Seasoning
2493Cheese Powder Mild Cheddar
2494Cheese Powder White Cheddar
2495Kalamata Olives
2498Kalamata Olives Pitted
2501FT African Mango
2505Apples Dried
2514Capers Nonpareil
2515Bing Cherries
2518Olives Country Style
2525Cranberries 80% Oregon-Grown
2527Cranberries Juice Sweetened
2529Bread & Butter Pickles Sliced
2530Red Pepper Sauce
2531Marinated Garlic Cloves
2532Assorted Flavors
2535Cornichons (Small Pickles)
2536Figs California Golden
2537Kim Chee
2538Great Plain Sauerkraut
2539Dill Sauerkraut
2540Mandarin Oranges
2541Toasted Sushi Nori Sheets
2543Beet Sauerkraut
2544Mediterranean Olive Mix Pitted
2546Olives Picholine
2551Giant Beans
2552Athos Garlic-Stuffed Grn Olive
2553Alfonso Olives
2554Sliced Olives
2555Black Pearl Olives
2557Green Pearl Olives
2558Oil-Cured Olives With Pits
2559Mediterranean Olive Mix Whole
2560OG Greek Olive Mix
2561White Napa Kimchi
2563Brew Dr. Kombucha Assorted
2564Ogliarola Black Olives
2566Olive Antipasto
2567Cipolline Onions Balsamic
2569Garlic Dill Pickles
2571Green Jalapeño Sauce
2572Olives Pitted Kalamata
2573Basil Pesto
2575Basil Garlic Sauerkraut
2577Veda Kraut
2578Love Kraut
2579Mendocino Dulse
2582Black Throubes Olives
2584Cranberries Honey Sweetened
2586Basil Lemon Garlic Olives
2587Artichokes Marinated
2588Sweet Piquante Peppers
2592Sundried Tomato Halves
2595Tailladées Olives
2597Fucus (Bladderwrack)
2599Sweet Kombu
2601Unbleached Baker's Choice Flour
2602Barley Flour
2603Spelt Flour Whole Local
2604Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
2605Fresh-Ground Bread Flour
2606Rice Flour Brown
2607Fresh-Ground Pastry Flour
2608GF 1-to-1 Baking Flour
2609Coconut Flour
2610Cornmeal Yellow (Red Cob Variety)
2611Buckwheat Flour
2612Garbanzo (Chickpea) Flour
2613Millet Flour
2614Whole Wheat Bread Flour
2615Sorghum Flour
2616Castelvetrano Green Olives
2617Unbleached Flour High-Gluten
2618All Purpose Flour Blend GF
2619Local Dark Northern Rye Flour
2620Masa Harina Golden
2621Teff Flour
2622Oat Flour
2623Coconut Flour
2624Polenta Purple OG
2625Amazing Gluten Free Bread Mix
2626Rolled Oats Thick
2628Rye Flour
2631Almond Flour Blanched
2632Soy Flour
2634Almond Flour
2635Spelt Flour White
2636Tapioca Flour
2637Spicy Napa Kimchi
2639Cannabliss CBD Kombucha
2640Unbleached Pastry Flour
2641Semolina Flour
2642Unbleached White Bread Flour
2644Vital Wheat Gluten 75% Gluten
26448Vegan Protein Powder
2645Lemon Pepper
2647Unbleached Flour Low-Gluten
2649Whole Wheat Flour
2650Whole Wheat Flour Hi-Protein
2652Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
2654Masa Harina Yellow Corn Flour
26570American Ginseng Root Powder
26574Plant Protein Powder Vanilla
2662Rice Flour White
2667Corn Flour
2670Castelvetrano Olives Pitted
26713Whey Protein Powder Vanilla
26760Goldenseal Root Powder
2678Cassava Flour
2687Wheat Berries Hard Red Spring
2689Wheat Berries Hard White
2699Wheat Germ
2701Barley Streaker Hulless
2702Barley Hulless Purple Karma
2703Barley Hull-Less
2706Barley Pearled
2707OG Rolled Barley Streaker
2708Barley Semi-Pearled Streaker
2709Buckwheat Groats Raw Hulled
2711Teff Grain
2712Buckwheat Toasted Hulled
2713Gluten-Free Oats
2714Rolled Oats Gluten Free
2715Bulghar Wheat Whole Grain
2716Local Rolled Oats
2733Oat Bran
2736Oat Groats
2742Popcorn White
2743Popcorn Black Heirloom
2745Popcorn Yellow
2746Multi-Colored Popcorn
2748Quick Oats
2752White Quinoa USA Grown
2753Red Quinoa
2763Rye Berries
2764Spelt Berries Local
2765Spelt Berries
2774Rolled Rye
2777Wheat Berries Soft White
2778Wheat Bran
27915 Grain Rolled Cereal
279210-Grain Cereal
27937-Grain Cereal
2796Rolled Barley
2800White Distilled Vinegar
2801Vinegar Balsamic OG
2802I-Boost Herbal Kraut
2803Garlic Red Pepper Miso
2805Canola Mayonnaise
2806Roasted Red Pepper Strips
2807Sweet White Miso 1 Year
2808Chickpea Miso Aged 1 Year
2809Dijon Mustard
2810Prepared Yellow Mustard
2811Fresh Salsa Hot
2812Fresh Salsa Medium
2813Fresh Green Salsa
2814Fresh Salsa Mild
2815Soy-Free Vegenaise
2817Salsa Verde
2818Liquid Aminos
2820Stoneground Mustard
2821Balsamic Vinegar
2824Natural Shoyu
2825Tamari Reduced Sodium WF
2826Toasted Sesame Oil
2827Natural Tamari Wheat-free
2829Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
2830Traditional Red Miso
2832Country Barley Miso
2833Vinegar Red Wine OG
2834Sesame Ginger Miso Dressing
2835Roasted Red Peppers
2836Roasted Red Tomatoes
2837Brown Rice Vinegar
2838Soy-Free Chickpea Miso
2840Hummus Original
2842Hummus Garlic
2843Mellow White Miso
2844Sweet Tasting Brown Rice Miso
2845Canola Oil
2847Canola Oil Refined
2849Honey Mustard
2850Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce
2860Coconut Oil Extra Virgin
2862Fysh Sauce Vegan GF
2868Original Vegenaise
2872Sesame Oil Unrefined
2874Raw Camu Camu Powder
2875Raw Mesquite Powder
2876Raw Wheatgrass Powder
2907Curry Lentil Instant Soup Mix
2909Deluxe Vegetable Soup Blend
2915Hummus Dip Mix
2917Instant Black Beans
2923Instant Refried Beans
292810-Grain Pancake Mix
2937Soy Curls
2940Split Pea Instant Soup Mix
2941Curry Lentil Soup Mix
2943Hearty Vegetable Stew Blend
2947Tofu Seasoning
2973Steel Cut Oats
400Shredded Parmesan
401Grated Parmesan
402Grated Pecorino Romano
1516Butter Toffee Peanuts
1520Soy-Free 70% Dark Chocolate
1530Sea Salt
1538Willamette Valley Bee Pollen
1540Real Salt Fine
154170% Dark Chocolate Wafers
1542Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey
1556Maple Syrup Grade A Dark Amber
1567Raw Dark Amber Agave
1698Very Berry Mix
1700Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
1701Chocolate Peanuts
1702Wasabi Peas
1703Cranberry Harvest
1704Roasted Corn
1705Acai Coconut Energy Bites
170765% Dark Chocolate Raisins
1708Corn Snack
1709Carob Spirulina Energy Bar
1710Pumpkin Seeds Tamari Roasted
1712Cacao Goji Energy Bar
1713Crystallized Ginger
1714Seed Bites Chocolate Sunbutter
1715Energy Bites Peanut Hemp
1716Almond Pumpkin Paleo Bites
1717OG Walnut Hemp Paleo Energy
1718Spelt Sesame Sticks
1719Blueberry Hemp Energy Bites
1720Date Flax Turmeric Energy Bar
1721Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
1722Sesame Kelp Krunch Bars
1724Sunny Fruit Slices
1725Zen Party Mix
1728Lemon Pomegranate Energy Bar
1729Pumpkin Seed Roasted & Salted
1730Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
1732Jumbo Virginia Peanuts R&S
1733Jolly Beans
173465% Dark Chocolate Almonds
1735Butter Shortbread Cookies
1736Snappy Ginger Cookies
1737Lemon Almond Biscotti
1738Orange Biscotti
1739Yogurt Raisins
1740Yogurt Pretzels
1741Milk Choc. Peanut Butter Cups
1745Rainbow Drops Milk Chocolate
1752Chips Lightly Salted
1754Yogurt Almonds
1755Plantain Chips
1757Inka Corn
1758Dark Chocolate Banana Coins
1759Dark Chocolate Cherries
1760Dark Chocolate Pretzels
1761Ginger Chews
1763Cheddar Sesame Sticks
1764Garlic Sesame Sticks
1765Poppy Onion Sesame Sticks
1766Wild Rice Sticks
1768Whole Wheat Sesame Sticks
1780Crystallized Ginger
1788Watermelon Rings
1789Delish Fish
1797Gummy Bears
1798Gummy Worms
1799Fruit Chews
1824American Beauty Granola
1833Aunt Maple's Crunchy Granola
1846Paleo Cardamom Cranberry
1914Light Speed
2287Cinnamon Ground
2296Cloves Ground
2362Ginger Ground
2402Fleur de Sel
2403Applewood Smoked Salt
2408Himalayan Pink Salt
2411Kiawe Smoked Sea Salt
2412Salt Himalayan Fine Grind
2436Chocolate Covered Cherries
2446Pepper Black Medium Grind
2449Pepper Black Whole
2455Honey Sriracha Cashews
2502Apricots Turkish
2503Raisins Sultana (Golden)
2504Montmorency Tart Cherries
2506Banana Chips
2507ZZPersimmons Fuyu
2508Bananas Dried Whole
2509Halawy Dates
2511French Olive Mix Pitted
2512Figs White Turkish
2516Persimmons Slices
2517Goji Berries
2521Apple Rings
2522Zante Currants
2523Date Coconut Roll
2524Date Almond Rolls
2526Date Pieces
2528Dates Bread Pitted
2534Figs Black Mission
2542Kalamata Olives
2545Kalamata Olives Pitted
2547Athos Green Olives Sici. Herb
2548OG Mango
2556Medjool Dates
2562Peach Slices
2565Pear Slices
2568Pineapple Rings
2576Prunes Pitted
2580Raisins Thompson Seedless
2585Raisins Flame
2627Yellow-Eyed Heirloom Beans
2757Rolled Oats
2823Sunflower Oil High Oleic
2846White Vinegar Distilled
2855Olive Oil Extra Virgin
2857Olive Oil Extra Virgin
2944OG No-Chicken Broth Powder
5000Ground Cinnamon
5015Flame Raisins
5016Bakers Choice Flour
5999OG Roasted Hazelnuts
6000Nut Mix Roasted Unsalted
6001Almond Butter Roasted
6004Mt. Rainier Mix
6005Cashew Halves Unsalted
6006NOG Almonds Natural
6009Seventh Heaven Trail Mix
6012Pacific Coast Blend
6013Fair Trade Cashews Whole NS
6014Almonds Roasted
6015Fair Trade Cashews Salted
6017Deluxe Nut Mix Salted
6018Dry Roasted Peanuts
6019Peanut Butter U-Grind
6022Tierra Trail Mix
6024Nut Mix Salted
6026Oregon Hazelnuts Raw
6027OG Roasted Hazelnuts
6030Almonds Natural
6031Dry Roasted Hazelnuts
6032Cashew Pieces Roasted Salted
6033In-Shell Peanuts Salted
6034Sprouted Seed and Nut Mix
6035Brazil Nuts
6038Macadamia Roasted & Salted
6039Peanuts Blanched Rstd Salted
6040Pecans Organic
6041Sprouted Almonds OG
6042Cashews Everything Bagel
6047Pistachios Unsalted
6048Pistachio Halves & Pieces
6049Cashews Whole Unsalted
6050Pistachios Roasted & Salted
6054Oregon Trail Mix
6055Hazel Munch
6058Spicy Nut Mix
6062Raw Fruit & Nut Mix
6066Sunflower Seeds Roasted Salted
6068Tamari Roasted Almonds
6069Roasted Cashews Salt & Pepper
6075Walnuts Organic
6087Maple Mixed Nuts
6089Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds
6094Pumpkin Seed Raw
6100Sunflower Seeds Hulled Raw
6228White Jasmine Rice
6279Cranberries USA
6305Rest Easy Tea
6344Fig Bar WW Wild Berry
6354Feel Better
6357Fig Bar WW Honey
6358Fig Bar WW Honey Apple
6365Mulling Spices
6996Local Honey
6998White Baker's Sugar
6003Almonds Raw
6007Curry Cashew Trail Mix
6008Northwest Blend
6011Almonds Slivered & Blanched
6016Tamari Almonds
6020Almond Butter Raw
6023Macadamia Nuts Raw
6025Hazelnut Butter
6028Peanut Butter Creamy Salted
6036Cashews Dry Roasted
6037Honey Dates
6043Macadamia Nuts Raw Pieces
6044Raw Coconut Aminos
6051Raw Coconut Nectar
6052All Organic Trail Mix
6056Almond Munch
6057GRAWnola Unsweetened
6059Tahini Raw
6060Coffee Crunch Granola
6061Sunflower Butter Toasted
6063Sprouted Walnuts Unsalted
6065Tahini Toasted OG
6067Trail Mix Mango Goji Fire
6070Cashews Roasted Salted
6072Goldenberry Sunrise Paleo Mix
6073Pecan Goldenberry Trail Mix
6074Sprouted Trail Mix Wild Berry
6076Transitional Golden Flax
6079Alfalfa Seeds Sprouting
6080Flax Seed Golden
6081Hemp Hearts
6082Broccoli Seeds Sprouting
6083Chia Seeds
6085Red Clover Sprouting Seeds
6086Fenugreek Seeds
6088Flax Seeds
6090Mung Beans
6091Poppy Seeds
6092Mung Dal
6093Pumpkin Seeds Raw Chinese
6095Sesame Seeds Black
6096Radish Seeds Sprouting
6097Sesame Seeds Hulled (White)
6098Sunflower Seeds Sprouting
6099Sesame Seeds Unhulled
6101Raisins Golden Select
6103Spinach Fettuccini
6104Angel Hair Pasta
6105Sea Shell Pasta
6106Elbow Macaroni
6107Quinoa/Corn Garden Pagodas
6109Garlic Parsley Ribbons
6110Semolina Bowties
6113Vegetable Orzo
6114Udon Noodles
6117Penne Rigate
6119Quinoa/Corn Elbows
6125Brown Rice Spaghetti
6128Tri-Color Tortellini
6129Vegetable Bowties
6130Brown Rice Penne
6131Forbidden Rice Ramen
6132Millet & Brown Rice Ramen
6133Red Lentil Penne Pasta
6135Vegetable Spirals
6136Whole Wheat Elbows
6137Whole Wheat Penne
6139Whole Wheat Spaghetti
6140Penne Rigate
6143Rainbow Rotini
6148Rice/Quinoa Spaghetti
6149Rice/Quinoa Elbows
6150Rice/Quinoa Fusilli
6151Rice/Quinoa Penne
6152Rice/Quinoa Shells
6201Chai Tea
6202Arborio Rice
6203Short Brown Rice
6204Medium White Rice
6205Brown Basmati
6206California Brown Basmati Rice
6211Dehraduni White Basmati Rice
6214Dehraduni Brown Basmati Rice
6215Basmati Rice
6216Brown Jasmine Rice
6225Golden Rose Brown Rice
6232Jasmine Rice
6234Local Wild Rice
6235Wild Rice Local
6236Wild Rice Blend
6237Broken Wild Rice
6238Long Grain Brown Rice
6242Long Grain Brown Rice
6243Med. Grain Sprouted Brown Rice
6245Long Grain White Rice
6246Red Rice
6258Short Grain Brown Rice
6261Short Grain Brown Rice
6268Sushi Rice
6269Jade Pearl Rice
6270Forbidden Black Rice
6271Sweet Brown Rice
6278White Basmati Rice
6300Honey Cup Tea
6301Rooibos Tea
6302Assam Black Tea
6303White Peony Tea
6306Yoga Blend Tea
6307Cacao Nibs Raw
6308Ruby Nectar Tea
6309Ceylon Tea
6312Dream Blend Tea
6313Dao Ren Green Tea
6314Matcha Latte Mix
6315Cinnamon Orange Decaf
6316Dark Forest Blend Tea
6318Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea
6319Classic Chai
6320Darjeeling (First Flush)
6321Lemon Hibiscus
6322Earl Grety Decaf
6323Chicory Roasted
6324Earl Grey Tea
6325Rooibos Vanilla
6326Earl Grey Tea
6327Earl Grey Tea Decaf
6328Lapsang Souchong
6329English Breakfast Tea
6330English Breakfast Tea
6331Turmeric Chai
6332English Breakfast Decaf
6333Rooibos Green
6334Nilgiri Blue Mountain
6335Chai Ginger
6336Bombay Breakfast
6337Genmaicha Tea
6338Ginger Cut Root
6341Gunpowder Tea
6346Hibiscus High Blend
6347Irish Breakfast Tea
6349Tulsi (Holy Basil)
6350Twig Tea Kukicha
6352Irish Breakfast Tea
6355Firefly Chai
6356Licorice Root Cut
6360Yerba Mate
6362Lemon Ginger Tea
6364Jasmine Pearls
6366Oolong Tea
6367OG Mulling Spice
6384Sassafras Bark
6387Vita-Blend Tea
6388Mate Mint Chocolate
6389Forests Tea
6390Happy Man Tea
6391Fidnemed Nighttime Tea
6392Peace Tea
6393Happy Tummy Tea
6394Jasmine Tea
6395Moroccan Mint
6398Tulsi Delight
6400Astragalus Root Cut
6403French Green Clay
6405Beeswax Pellets
6406Milky Oat Tops Whole
6408Skin Cleanser Original
6409Aloe Vera Gel
6410French Lavender Body Lotion
6412Skin Cleanser Fresh Fruit
6414Bulk Soap Various & Pre-cut
6418Kaolin Clay Powder
6420Hand Soap Lemon Eucalyptus
6426French Lavender Hand Soap
6428Sport Sunscreen
6429Kid's Sunscreen
6430Everyday Shampoo
6431Everyday Conditioner
6432Unscented Hand Soap
6433Shower Gel Cucumber Melon
6435Zumbar Soap Assorted Scents
6436French Green Clay
6437Chlorella Powder
6439Zeolite Clay Powder
6440Henna Assorted Colors
6443Beet Powder
6444Shampoo Bar Assorted Scents
6445Bar Soap
6446Foaming Soap Citrus Sunshine
6449Foaming Soap Lemongrass Zinger
6450Golden Jojoba Oil
6451Almond Oil
6452Foaming Soap OR Double Mint
6455Aloe Vera Juice
6459Castile Soap Aloe Baby
6461Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo
6462Tea Tree Trp Treat Conditioner
6471Sweet Almond Oil
6472Vegetable Glycerine
6473Soap Almond
6474Soap Tea Tree
6475Vegetable Glycerin
647650/50 Balanced Conditioner
6477Witch Hazel Extract
647850/50 Balanced Shampoo
6484Foaming Soap Clary Sage
6485Foaming Soap Geranium Bliss
6486Foaming Soap Aloe Baby
6487Foaming Soap PNW Lavender
6488Shampoo Unscented
6489Conditioner Unscented
6490Astragalus Root Powder
6491Soap Eucalyptus
6492Soap Lavender
6493Soap Unscented Baby-Mild
6494Soap Peppermint
6495Very Emollient Body Lotion
6496Very Emollient Body Lotion
6497Unscented Lotion
6498Soap Rose
6499Soap Citrus
6500Immune Booster Herbal Tea
6501Lecithin Powder
6503OG Blessed Thistle Herb
6508Chamomile (German)
6509Comfrey Leaf
6510Comfrey Root
6512Milk Thistle
6514Oat Straw
6515Stevia Glycerite
6517Pau D'Arco
6519Peppermint Essential Oil
6521Ashwagandha Root Powder
6523Calendula Flower Petals
6524Dandelion Root
6525Echinacea Angustifolia
6526Echinacea Purpurea
6527Mullein Leaf Cut & Sifted
6528Electro-C Lemon
6530Lavender Whole Flower
6531Elderberry Fruit Whole
6532Elderberry Fruit
6533Ginkgo Powdered
6534Red Raspberry Leaf
6535Psyllium Husk Powder
6536Calendula Flower
6537Ginkgo Leaf
6538Whole Psyllium Seed
6540Rene's Essiac Tea
6541Rose Hips
6542Nettle Leaf
6544Stevia Leaf
6547Oat Straw Green Tops
6550Cramp Bark
6551Oregon Grape
6552Uva Ursi
6553Catnip Herb
6555Soap Seconds
6557Slippery Elm Bark Powder
6558Red Clover Aerial Portions
6559Smooth as Silk Shampoo
6560Smooth as Silk Conditioner
6561Hibiscus Flowers
6562Elderberry Fruit
6563Red Clover
6567Elder Flower
6569OG Beet Root Powder
6572Spirulina Manna
6573Mullein Leaf
6575Licorice Root
6576OG Smoked Cayenne Powder
6577Luscious Licorice
6581Comfrey Root
6582Echinacea Purpurea Root
6583Kava Extract
6584Red Raspberry Leaf
6585Horsetail Herb
6586Elderberry Tincture
6587Sinus Blaster
6589Ginseng Master
6591Kid's Echinacea Plus
6592Liver Detox
6594Echinacea Glycerite
6597Kava Gold
6598Milk Thistle
6600Truly Natural Vitamin C v.3
6601Eucalyptus Essential Oil
6602Bentonite Clay Powder
6603French Red Clay Powder
6644Hawthorn Berries
6645Lavender Essential Oil
6653Dead Sea Bath Salts
6682Dead Sea Salts
6683Epsom Salt
6688Lemongrass Bath Salts
6689Rosemary Mint Bath Salt
6691Castile Soap Lemongrass Zinger
6692Castile Soap Citrus Sunshine
6693Sage Garden Bath Salts
6694Castile Soap Clary Sage
6695Castile Soap Geranium Bliss
6696Castile Soap OR Double Mint
6697Castile Soap PNW Lavender
6698Castile Soap Tea Tree & Lav
6701Stevia Pure Extract Powder
6702Calcium Citrate Powder
6704Magnesium Citrate
6711MSM Powder Plant-Based
6712Soy Protein Powder Vanilla
6715Vegetarian Capsules Size 0
6716Maca Powder
6721Soap Nut Body Wash
6722Raw Maca Powder
6723Olive Leaf
6724Maca Powder
6725Soap Nut Conditioner
6726Cinnamon Sticks
6727Soap Nut Shampoo
6748Kelp Thallus Powder
6749Slippery Elm Bark
6750Slippery Elm Bark Powder
6751Slippery Elm Bark Wild Crafted
6758Senna Leaf Cut & Sifted
6759OG Senna Leaf Powder
6761Black Cohosh
6762Spirulina Powder
6765Vegicaps Size 0
6766Vegicaps Size 00
6771Lavender Bath Salts
6775Soy Lecithin
6798Vitamin C Powder Buffered
6799Tea Tree Oil
6816Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Powder
6819Bee Pollen
6824Whole Milk Thistle Seed
6825Psyllium Seed Husk Whole
6826Psyllium Seed Powder
6997Dulse Flakes
6999Wildflower Honey
9616Nettle Leaf