Our Co-op: Community Owned & Oregon Proud

First Alternative is cooperative grocery store with over 10,000 Owners. We stock high quality, natural, and organic products in our stores, with an emphasis on local growers and producers. Since opening in 1970, we have aspired to be a model for environmental sustainability through our purchasing and workplace practices. Anyone can shop at the Co-op, and anyone can join!

Co-op Ownership is an investment in a community-based, socially and environmentally aware business. Owner investment keeps our Co-op financially healthy, increases the Co-op’s buying power, and leaves us better poised for development and community growth.

First Alternative Co-op is dedicated to sustainability. We consistently prioritize energy and water conservation in our facilities and practices. We also seek to maintain our wide ranging selection of local and sustainable products.

Explore the Co-op’s sustainability practices

First Alternative offers thousands of locally sourced products. Buying local products reduces carbon emissions and keeps local economies strong. We use a simple and clear designation system to help you understand how far products have traveled.

Learn more about our local designation system.

First Alternative adheres to a carefully crafted set of guidelines in selecting products to sell in the store. These guidelines ensure that we carry only healthy, natural groceries and that our purchasing practices focus on fair trade, organic, sustainable and locally made products.

Read our product selection guidelines.

What did First Alternative Co-op do in 2019?
Check out our 2019 Annual Report.