First Alternative Community Events & Programs

First Alternative Co-op is a community-based, socially and environmentally aware business. The Co-op works for the development of the community through environmental incentive programs, monetary donations to organizations chosen by Co-op members, and by offering services and opportunities to the community at large.

Learn about this bag reuse incentive program that supports local charities.

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Learn about this community resource to keep more materials out of the landfill.

Hand-drawn Recycling

Check our calendar for upcoming tastings, events, and classes.

Alternative Transportation

First Alternative offers an incentive card to encourage you to walk, bicycle, take the bus, or use another form of alternative transportation to get to the Co-op. If you take alternative transportation and spend $10 or more, get a punch on your card. Once you have 15 punches, redeem it for $5 off your grocery bill.

Click here for info on bicycling to the Co-op

Co-op Meeting Rooms

First Alternative has a meeting room at each of our two store locations, available for community reservation to hold classes, give public lectures, or convene meetings. Need space for your community-oriented activity? Contact our Outreach Specialist at (541) 753-3115 x328 or

Click here for our calendar of events

School Donations

First Alternative donates money to local schools every year. Co-op owners may tie their owner number to a particular local school so their purchases are registered in support of that school. The greater the amount tallied for each school, the more donation funds it receives.

Download the donation form for yourself, and print more to give to fellow parents and teachers!