Become a Co-op Owner

An Owner share costs $70 and is fully refundable.
Payment plans available • Receive a free welcome bag!

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Benefits of Ownership at First Alternative

Co-op Owners are our backbone! They help decide our product guidelines, vote to incorporate important changes, and decide how the Co-op gives back to the community. An Owner share is not an annual fee, but rather a one-time, fully-refundable purchase of one share of Co-op Ownership. Anyone can shop, and anyone can join.

One Owner share costs $70 and payment plans are available.


Benefit: Sense of Pride

Co-op Owners are invested in a community-based, environmentally and socially aware business; they are invested in the economy, local farms and businesses, and in organic and sustainable food democracy.

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Benefit: Owner Sale Day

Owners who are current on their share payments are allowed one 10% off discount day of their own choosing per month. Some restrictions apply. Discounts do not stack on one another.


Benefit: Voting Privileges

Each Owner share gets an equal vote. Owners elect our Board of Directors and Beans for Bags donation recipients. As an Owner, you can run for the Board and help shape your Co-op.